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Welcome to the University of Georgia and to my lab.  If you are considering attending the University of Georgia as my student, then this site will serve to give you an idea of the research I am currently involved in as well as what to expect from me and from yourself.  If you are already accepted as my graduate student, then I expect you have already heard a lot of what appears here.  I hope your tenure here will be rewarding and fun.


-Bob Cooper


Ecosystem Management

A unifying concept for natural resources conservation and management.

Environmental Indicators

Using model organisms that might be effective indicators of the larger ecosystem effect.

Climate Change

Understanding the potential impact of climate change to guide conservation strategies .

Quantitative Ecology

Using quantitative approaches to inform wildlife conservation and management.

Tropical Ecology

 Tropical research focusing on the New World tropics, large-scale conservation and agroecosystems.

"To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering"

-Aldo Leopold

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