Fledged Lab Members

Previous lab members and the  past research that has been conducted in the CooperLab.

Lauren Gingerella

M.S. 2018
Contact: lgingerella125@gmail.com
Current: Conservation Easement Monitor, North American Land Trust

Research Topic:

“The Effects of Predator Exclosures on Wilson's Plover (Charadrius wilsonia) Nest Success and Productivity”

Abby Sterling

Ph.D. 2017
Contact: abby.v.sterling@gmail.com
Current: Shorebird biologist, Manomet, Brunswick, GA

Research Topic:

“Modeling productivity for American Oystercatchers (Haematopus palliatus) and Wilson’s Plovers (Charadrius wilsonia) in a highly dynamic environment”

Ph.D. 2015
Contact: mason.cline@gmail.com
Current: Bird Program Manager, New Mexico Dept. of  Game and Fish

Research Topic:

“Behavior and Survival in a Migratory Songbird (Setophaga Caerulescens) with Emphasis on the Importance of a Prominent Plumage Characteristic”

Ph.D. 2014
Contact: nuse@uga.edu
Current: Post-doctoral researcher with USGS Georgia Co-op Unit

Research Topic:

“Aided and Afflicted by Water: Assessments of the Influence of Hydrology and Sea Level upon Wetland Bird and Plant Distributions in Georgia, USA”

Ph.D. 2014
Contact: alehmicke@gmail.com
Current: Wildlife biologist, Fort Carson, Dept. of Defense

Research Topic:

“Breeding Ecology of the Seaside Sparrow (Ammodramus maritimus) in Northern Gulf of Mexico Tidal Salt Marsh”

Mason Cline

Bryan Nuse

Anna Joy Lehmicke

Ali Leggett

M.S. 2014
Current: Coastal Preserves Bureau, Mississippi Dept. Marine Resources

“Habitat Associations of Selected Breeding Marsh Birds in Mississippi Tidal Marsh”

Research Topic:

Clark Jones

Ph.D. 2013
Contact: micrastur@gmail.com
Current: Wildlife biologist, USFWS, Pueblo, Colorado

Research Topic:

“Landscape-level investigations of avian species at Fort Benning, Georgia”

M.S. 2013
Contact: joanna.hatt@gmail.com
Current: Native Fish Biologist, New Mexico Department of  Game and Fish

Research Topic:

"Influence of climate change on Black-throated Blue Warbler (Dendroica caerulescens) demography in the southern Appalachians"

Patti Newell

Ph.D. 2013
Current:  Restoration Ecologist/Manager, Southern Sierra Research Station

"Determining the cause of decline in the Rusty Blackbird (Euphagus carolinus)"

Research Topic:

Sarah Brown

M.S. 2012
Contact: sbrown@talltimbers.org
Current: Public Lands Research and Monitoring Biologist, Tall Timbers Research Station

Research Topic:

“Movements, home range and habitat selection of Bachman's sparrows (Peucaea aestivalis) on a longleaf sandhill forest: implications for fire management”

Joanna Hatt

Archived Students

Ali Leggett

Krishna Pacifica


Ph.D. 2011

Research Topic: "Conservation and Management of Rare Species: The Development of Adaptive Models to Reduce Uncertainty Influencing Decision Making"


Asst. Professor

Center for Geospatial Analytics

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

NC State University

Brett Maley

M.S. 2011

Research Topic: "Temporal changes in Black-throated Blue Warbler (Dendroica caerulescens) diet and foraging during the breeding season"


Cambridge, MA

Kirk Stodola


Ph.D. 2011

Research Topic: "Population ecology of a long-distance migratory songbird in a changing environment"



Post Doc Researcher

Illinois Natural History Survey

Prairie Research Institute

University of Illinois

Ryan Malloy


M.S. 2010

Research Topic: "Home range size and habitat use of premontane rainforests by Long-tailed Manakins (Chiroxiphia linearis)"


Ecological Consultant

Ecological Solutions, Inc.

Jonathan Gray


MNR 2010

Research Topic: "Loggerhead Shrike habitat use in agricultural and forest landscapes"


Science Teacher

Trinity Prep School

Winter Park, Florida

Kirsten Hazler

Ph.D 2009

Research Topic: "Landscape and local effects on avian habitat use and breeding success in bottomland hardwood forests of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley"

Scott Rush


Ph.D. 2009

Research Topic: "Factors influencing the distribution of Clapper Rails in Mississippi's tidal marshes"



Assistant Professor,

Wildlife Ecology and Management

Mississippi State University

Nico Dauphiné

Ph.D. 2008

Research Topic: "Bird ecology, conservation, and community responses to logging in the northern Peruvian Amazon"

Yok Yok Hadiprakarsa

M.S. 2008

Research Topic: "Forest patch occupancy by Sumatran hornbills in a fragmented landscape of southern Sumatra, Indonesia"



Indonesian Hornbill Conservation Society

Nora Diggs

M.S. 2008

Research Topic: "The role of food availability in the wintering ecology of Hermit Thrushes (Catharus guttatus)"

Rua Mordecai


Ph.D. 2007

Research Topic: "Ecological patterns of occupancy and use: new methods for analysis and applications to species and communities"



Science Coordinator,

South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

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Natalie Hyslop


Ph.D. 2007

Research Topic: "Movements, habitat use, and survival of the threatened eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi) in Georgia"


Associate Professor

University of North Georgia

Gainesville, Georgia

Brady Mattsson


Ph.D. 2006

Research Topic: "Louisiana Waterthrush ecology and conservation in the Georgia Piedmont"


Postdoctoral Fellow

Institute for Silviculture (BOKU),

Vienna Austria

Ashley (Sexton) Turner

M.S. 2005

Research Topic: "Home range and habitat use of red-tailed hawks in southwestern Georgia"

Abi (Vitale) Convery

M.S. 2005

Research Topic: "The use of high-resolution satellite data in wildlife modeling"


Planning Biologist

County of Ventura, California

Jill Gannon


Ph.D. 2005

Research Topic: "Nest predation and brood parasitism of two bottomland hardwood forest songbirds: the importance of habitat characteristics at multiple spatial scales"


Research Ecologist

U.S. Geologic Surveyown Science Center

Stephanie (Hyder) Laseter


M.S. 2002

Research Topic: "Landscape and local effects on avian habitat use and breeding success in bottomland hardwood forests of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley"


Biological Scientist

SRS Experimental Forest Network Lead

Center for Integrated Forest Science

Franklin, N.C.

Sandy Cederbaum

M.S. 2002

Research Topic: "The effects of alternative and conventional management systems in cotton agriculture on avian and arthropod populations in the Upper Coastal Plain of Georgia"



Lars Pomara


M.S. 2001

Research Topic: "Mixed-species flocking ecology of passerine birds in a Neotropical premontane forest and in shade coffee fields"



Southern Research Station

U.S. Forest Service

Asheville, N.C.

Dorie (Wolf) Welch

M.S. 2008

Research Topic: "The effect of uneven-aged silviculture on the breeding ecology of the indigo bunting (Passerina cyanea) in a bottomland hardwood forest."



Fish & Wildlife Project Manager

Bonneville Power Administration


Alan Williams

M.S. 2000

Research Topic: "The effects of gypsy moth treatment applications of Bacillus thuringiensis on worm-eating warblers in middle Appalachia"



Ecologist / Data Manager

Natural and Cultural Resources Division

Shenandoah National Park

Carrie Straight


M.S. 2000

Research Topic: "Effects of experimental prey reduction on foraging rates and behavior of insectivorous Nearctic-Neotropical migrant birds in the Appalachians"




Transportation Projects, Robust Redhorse, granite outcrops


Athens, G.A.

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Matt Marshall


Ph.D. 2000

Research Topic: "The effects of naturally occurring and experimentally reduced prey abundance on the breeding ecology and territory dynamics of the red-eyed vireo"


Adjunct Assistant Professor of Wildlife Conservation

National Park Service

Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network Program Manager

Larry Wood

M.S. 1999

Research Topic: "Short-term effects of timber management on prothonotary warbler (Protonotaria citrea) breeding biology"



Wildlife Investigations

McClellanville, SC

Dina Roberts

M.S. 1998

Research Topic: "Habitat use by army ants and ant-following birds in remontane forest and coffee agroecosystems in western Panama"



Resident Lecturer in Mountain Ecology

School of Field Studies


Jen DeCecco

M.S. University of Memphis

Research Topic: "Nest-site selection of three neotropical migratory birds in middle Appalachia"


Wildlife Diversity Division Biologist Aide

Pennsylvania Game Commision

Stephen Mullin


Ph.D. 1998

Research Topic: "The foraging ecology of the gray rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta spiloides) – visual stimuli facilitate location of arboreal prey"


Chair, Department of Biology

Stephen F. Austin State University

Nacogdoches, T.X.

Randy Wilson


M.S. University of Memphis


Regional Biologist


Jackson, MS

Curt McCasland


Humboldt State University

Research Topic: "Implications for the use of diflubenzuron to reduce arthropod populations inhabiting evaporation ponds of the San Joaquin Valley, California."



US Fish and Wildlife Service

Jeff Dunk


M.S. Humboldt State University 1992

Research Topic: "Black-shouldered kite -- small mammal -- vegetation relationships in northwestern California"



Department of Environmental Science and Management

Humboldt State University

Buddy Fazio


M.S. Humboldt State University 1993

Research Topic: "Analysis of annual survival of wild Aleutian Canada geese using data-based model selection"


Boating Access Grant Manager

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Southwest Region

Cynthia (Anderson) Verhey

M.S. Humboldt State University 1992


Research Topic: "Bird and invertebrate communities in grazed and ungrazed fields at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge"

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